Plastic palette spatulas offer some distinct advantages and applications. Here’s an overview of their features and uses:

Features of a Plastic Paint or Palette Spatula/Knife:

Blade: The blade of a plastic palette spatula/knife is made of sturdy plastic material that is flexible but less rigid compared to metal. It is typically flat and can have a variety of shapes, similar to metal palette knives.

Handle: The handle of a plastic palette spatula/knife is usually made of plastic as well, providing a comfortable grip for the artist.

Uses of a Plastic Paint or Palette Spatula/Knife:

Mixing Colors: Plastic palette knives are effective for mixing colors on a palette. The flat blade allows for blending and combining pigments to achieve the desired color variations and gradients.

Paint Application: Plastic spatulas/knives can be used to apply paint to a canvas or other surfaces. They are particularly useful when working with acrylic paints or other mediums that don’t require the strength and flexibility of metal knives. Plastic knives can create smooth, controlled strokes and cover larger areas with paint.

Texture Creation: While plastic knives may not offer the same level of texture creation as metal knives, they can still be used to create some textured effects. By manipulating the plastic blade, artists can achieve subtle texture variations in their paintings.

Mixing Mediums: Plastic spatulas/knives are also handy for blending and mixing different mediums, such as gels, pastes, or texture mediums, on a palette. They allow for easy incorporation and dispersion of these materials.

Cleaning and Scraping: Due to their plastic construction, these knives are less likely to damage surfaces when used for scraping off excess paint or cleaning palettes. They can be useful for removing paint from palette surfaces or scraping dried paint.

Plastic palette spatulas/knives offer a lightweight and economical alternative to metal knives, making them suitable for artists working with acrylic paints or those who prefer the flexibility of plastic tools. They are easy to clean, and their forgiving nature can be beneficial when working on delicate surfaces or when precise control is not required.

Palette Spatula


Plastic palette spatulas are used to spread the paint over your desired texture.

When you order one, then you will receive one of those within the set, at random.

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